Event Recap: Impeachment 101

Impeachment Trial 101 flyerOn January 23, our American Constitution Society hosted a panel of three Chicago-Kent Constitutional Law professors to provide context and history about the current impeachment trial.

Professor Schmidt began the event with video clips of the opening statements from senators that quoted from the framers of the constitution before opening it up for more discussion and student questions.

Thanks to our student leaders for providing notes from the discussion and livetweeting the event, this recap is edited from their contributions.

ACS Leaders with Chicago-Kent Constitutional Law Professors
Chicago-Kent Constitutional Law professors Carolyn Shapiro, Christopher Schmidt, and Steven Heyman with ACS student leaders

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Meet Zoe Appler, Class of 2022

Zoe started her 1L year in our part-time evening program and is continuing now in the full-time day program. She’s originally from New York. Learn how her theatre background led her to the Trial Advocacy Program at Chicago-Kent. Her favorite class with Judge Erickson, Criminal Law, has confirmed that path. Zoe also shares what she would have done differently when applying to law schools and how she found the right fit at Chicago-Kent. Continue reading “Meet Zoe Appler, Class of 2022”

Meet Manuela Vergara, Class of 2022

Manuela is a 1L originally from Bogota, Colombia. Learn how the 1L Your Way options and her classes helped her consider which areas of law she’s most interested in pursuing. She also shares opportunities like the Institute for the Future of Law Practice program and mentoring connections that have helped her navigate her path as a law student and legal professional. Continue reading “Meet Manuela Vergara, Class of 2022”

Meet Scott LaMunyon, Class of 2022

Scott is a 1L who is originally from Kansas. Find out what TV show helped him find his passion for law, and why he chose Chicago-Kent after working in higher education admissions and recruitment. Scott also gives advice on the transition to law school and the best ways to experience Chicago.  Continue reading “Meet Scott LaMunyon, Class of 2022”

Meet Erin Monforti, Class of 2022

Erin is a 1L who grew up in Chicago. In high school, she saw the impact of legal reasoning and was intrigued by public policy. Learn what she loved about her torts class and the opportunities she’s looking forward to in Chicago-Kent’s certificate programs. Erin also gives advice to incoming students, describes why she loves Chicago, and how she enjoys the city. Continue reading “Meet Erin Monforti, Class of 2022”

The Haymarket Affair: The Surprising History of the Fight for the Eight-Hour Workday

An important anniversary in law and labor history is coming up! On May 4, 1886, workers gathered at the intersection of Desplaines and Randolph streets (a nine-minute walk from the present location of Chicago-Kent), known as Haymarket Square.

It was the fourth day of strikes in favor of an eight-hour workday. The police arrived at Haymarket late in the evening, when the demonstrators were already heading home on account of the rainy weather. A bomb was thrown at the ranks of police, killing an officer and touching off a panic that left another six officers and at least four workers dead. The state of Illinois put eight anarchists – mostly German immigrants – on trial for conspiracy.

Professor César Rosado Marzán, co-director of the Institute for Law and the Workplace at Chicago-Kent, says: “The trial wouldn’t meet most people’s definition of ‘fair’: suspicion of immigrants and working-class people was widespread, and both the judge and press were fervently pro-prosecution.”

(Note: The contemporary print reproduced above, with its heroic depiction of the police captain, was typical.)

The eight defendants were convicted; four were hanged, one (also sentenced to death) committed suicide in prison, and three served prison terms. What they were fighting for – the eight-hour workday – became a reality for many, and May 1 is now International Workers Day.


Event Recap: Book Talk with Professor Paul Butler

Professor Paul Butler of Georgetown Law with Chicago-Kent's Dean Harold Krent and Professor Graeme Dinwoodie
Professor Paul Butler of Georgetown Law with Chicago-Kent’s Dean Harold Krent and Professor Graeme Dinwoodie

On April 10, 2019 Professor Paul Butler of Georgetown Law discussed his book Chokehold: Policing Black Men in an author’s book talk.

He offered an overview of the ways the criminal justice system affects African Americans, starting by contrasting different definitions of the problems and moving on to describe a range of historical responses and current abolitionist strategies.

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Meet Rebecca Quade, Class of 2019

Rebecca Quade chose Chicago-Kent for the practical and immersive education that would help her build the skills she needs for her legal career. She found professors who support her goals and opportunities to push herself and discover new passions as a student leader. Continue reading “Meet Rebecca Quade, Class of 2019”

Recap: Design Series with Center for Design, Law, and Technology

This year our CDelta (c∆) Center for Design, Law, & Technology has hosted a series of talks bringing together lawyers and expert guests from other fields, from designers to a celebrated local chef.

Find the social recaps, full videos, photos and more in this recap of their 2018-2019 series on design & law:

  1. October 11: An Evening of Design
  2. February 11: “What is Design?” with Chef Edward Kim
  3. March 11: “What is Design?” with Felicia Ferrone

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Meet Brittany Kaplan, Class of 2019

Brittany Kaplan came to Chicago-Kent after a career in publishing, looking forward to building on that expertise with her training in our Intellectual Property program. Learn more about her favorite professors and the ways she challenged herself and proved her skills in advocacy and her leadership in our IP journal. Continue reading “Meet Brittany Kaplan, Class of 2019”