Recap: Design Series with Center for Design, Law, and Technology

Chef Edward Kim at CDelta Event

This year our CDelta (c∆) Center for Design, Law, & Technology has hosted a series of talks bringing together lawyers and expert guests from other fields, from designers to a celebrated local chef.

Find the social recaps, full videos, photos and more in this recap of their 2018-2019 series on design & law:

  1. October 11: An Evening of Design
  2. February 11: “What is Design?” with Chef Edward Kim
  3. March 11: “What is Design?” with Felicia Ferrone

An Evening of Design

On October 11, the Young Lawyers Committee of the Intellectual Property Law Association of Chicago (IPLAC) and Chicago-Kent’s Intellectual Property Law Society (IPLS), organized and co-sponsored  TED talk-style presentations by a range of speakers from different disciplines:

Social Recap:

Full Video:


“What is Design?” with Edward Kim

On February 11, Chef Edward Lee shared his perspective on designing culinary dishes and menus for his restaurants, from idea to preparation and the creative process as a chef. Professor Edward Lee moderated the discussion.

Full Video:


“What is Design?” with Felicia Ferrone

On March 11, Felicia Ferrone gave her perspective on design and the design process, from idea to production. Professor Edward Lee moderated the discussion.

Full Video:

Author: Emily Barney

Technology Training & Marketing Librarian

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