How Will the Trump Presidency Impact International Law?

Dean Krent at APALSA international law panel

This panel discussion was co-hosted by our Asian Pacific American Law Student Association and International Law Student Association. The event flyer, slides from our speakers, and a video of the discussion are available here if you missed attending this event. 


  • Dr. James Nolt, Adjunct Associate Professor at New York University Program in International Relations and Senior Fellow at the World Policy Institute
  • Edward Harris, Assistant Dean and Associate Professor for International LL.M. programs at Chicago-Kent College of Law
  • Bartram S. Brown, Professor of Law and Co-Director of the Program inInternational and Comparative Law at Chicago-Kent College of Law

Jun Qiu, president of APALSA at Chicago-Kent, offered this introduction:

It has been over a month since President Trump’s inauguration. President Trump summarized his first month experience in the White House as “a lot of fun.”

He said at the annual Governors’ dinner during the past weekend that “I can say that after four weeks, it’s been a lot of fun accomplished, but we’ve accomplished almost everything we’ve started out to accomplish. The borders are stricter, tighter,” referring to one of a series of executive orders signed by President Trump since coming into office.

He said at the dinner, “we are very happy with the way things are working,” “and again, we’ve made a lot of promises over the past two years and many of those promises are already kept.” You may recall the promises he made during his campaign, including health care and tax reform plans.

Today we are very honored to have our three great panelists join us for this discussion focusing on international law impacts. However, as you all know, it is correlated to domestic law issues and affects every one of us. Our speakers today will analyze both the current situations, and discuss the potential changes in the future.

Find more information about the speakers in the bios featured in this promotional flyer for the event:

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International Law Topics

Dr. James Nolt focused on the impacts on international policy:

  • Due process aspect about the travel ban & integrity of law
  • Replace agreements from rule based to partner negotiation based
  • Impacts on US-China relationship and the possibility of trade war

Dean Edward Harris focused on the practical impacts on international trade and immigration

  • Practical impact of the immigration policy on higher education and other businesses, future of F1, J1, H1B, EB5 visas
  • Free trade benefits based on by economists and the new changes on large trade deals
  • Conflict of interests issue of Trump’s business

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Professor Bartram Brown focused on the impacts on public international law.

  • Human rights policy
  • International institutes, national rule of law and international criminal court
  • International problems: nuclear

International Law Panel Video

Event Photos

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