Weekly Roundup – October 10, 2013

Did you miss your Supreme Court news this week? Let our Weekly Roundup help. (To stay on top of the latest Supreme Court happenings, follow ISCOTUS on Twitter.)

About the New Term

Learn more about the new Term from ISCOTUS Director Carolyn Shapiro, featured on Chicago Tonight

Refresh your memory on how the Court’s schedule works with ISCOTUS Director Carolyn Shapiro

Workers and employers face off at the Supreme Court

In new Term, Supreme Court may steer to the right on key social issues

The new Supreme Court Term could mean rough times ahead for President Obama

Supreme Court Has Deep Docket in Its New Term

Political gridlock puts the Supreme Court at the center of controversial social issues

A Most Inquisitive Court? No Argument There

High court tapped fee pool to open Term during shutdown

Director Carolyn Shapiro comments on several business cases before the Court and how they might affect the workplace

Dean Krent of Chicago-Kent College of Law discussed the new Supreme Court Term with WDCB news

C-SPAN aired a Federalist Society preview of this Supreme Court Term

Justices’ Order: Read This Brief

Arguments go on next week, despite the shutdown

About the Justices

What did the Justices do over the summer?

Justice Sotomayor and Steven Spielberg both won a Harvard Du Bois medal

What was Chief Justice Roberts like before he joined the Supreme Court?

Christians and cretins: Scalia visits University of Virginia

Justice Kennedy on the difference between “professional responsibility” and “legal ethics”

Justice Breyer spoke at Harvard Law – you can watch the full discussion

Justice Kagan does not approve of the current Justice confirmation process

Justice Scalia discusses his originalism, the separation of powers, his unusual betting pool, and more with New York Magazine.

The question facing Justice Ginsburg: Stay or go?

The Roberts Court: What Kind of Conservatives?

Roberts: The ‘swing’ justice of election law

How would the Supreme Court be different if Justice O’Connor were still present?

Chief Justice Roberts: A Campaign Finance Moderate Who Gets It?

Elena Kagan will one day control the Supreme Court

McCutcheon v. FEC

The biggest campaign finance case since Citizens United was argued at the Supreme Court yesterday. Go Inside the Case of McCutcheon v. FEC with Director Carolyn Shapiro

Constitution Check: Is a new revolution on campaign finance stirring?

How was Citizens United cited in McCutcheon argument?

McCutcheon argument in plain English

The Long Shadow of Citizens United

Pivotal campaign finance case on U.S. high court docket

Outside the Court

If you missed this year’s Supreme Court IP Review (SCIPR), you can now read the session summaries

Create your fantasy roster…of Supreme Court cases

Google Streetview captures people lining outside Supreme Court in March 2011

Watch UC-Irvine School of Law Dean Erwin Chemerinsky answer the question “Has the Supreme Court lost faith in the Courts?” at the Chicago-Kent Centennial Lecture

Tony Mauro will moderate a discussion on transparency and technology at the Court on October 25

Learn more about today’s panel on same-sex marriage and the Supreme Court from Chicago-Kent Professor Christopher Schimdt