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This Day in Supreme Court History—January 11, 2000

On this day in 2000, United States v. Morrison was argued in front of the Supreme Court. Morrison was a constitutional challenge to a section of the Violence Against Women Act of 1994 (VAWA) that provided a civil remedy for victims of gender-motivated violence by allowing them to sue for damages in federal court. The … Continue reading This Day in Supreme Court History—January 11, 2000

What Happened in Evenwel?

The big surprise from Monday’s Supreme Court decision in Evenwel v. Abbott was not how the Court ruled, but that it was unanimous in doing so. The case involved the way to measure population in applying the Court’s longstanding “one person one vote” standard when drawing voter districts. The basic question: should voting districts be … Continue reading What Happened in Evenwel?

Final Week of Arguments

The Court this week will hear the the final arguments of the 2011 Term. The last argument, on Wednesday, will be in Arizona v. United States, the widely watched challenge to Arizona’s controversial immigration law. The Court is expected to issue opinions on all pending cases by late June. New cases are already being docketed … Continue reading Final Week of Arguments