Weekly Roundup – January 23, 2015

Did you miss your Supreme Court news this week? Let our Weekly Roundup help. (To stay on top of the latest Supreme Court happenings, follow ISCOTUS on Twitter.)

After much speculation and urging from both sides in the debate, the Supreme Court agreed last Friday to review a case on same-sex marriage. The Court’s ruling could potentially legalize same-sex marriage in all 50 states.

Now that the Court has moved to address the issue of same-sex marriage, attention is shifting to President Obama’s role regarding the issue. At Politico, Josh Gerstein asks, “will the Court cement the president’s gay rights legacy?

In the New York Times, Linda Greenhouse argues that whatever the Court’s ruling on same-sex marriage, it won’t end the debate for Republicans.

In the Holt v. Hobbs decision on Tuesday, the Court ruled that an Arkansas prison’s ban on growing beards had violated the religious liberty rights of its inmates.

The justices appeared split along ideological lines in Tuesday’s Williams-Yulee v. Florida Bar case, which asks whether states can prohibit personal appeals for campaign contributions by judicial candidates.

The Court also appeared divided over the issue of housing discrimination on Wednesday. But the split was not entirely as expected.

Protesters disrupted Court proceedings on Wednesday, the five-year anniversary of the Court’s controversial decision in Citizens United, which removed limits on campaign contributions by corporations and unions.

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