Court Considering Same-sex Marriage Challenges

At their conference today, the justices of the Supreme Court are considering which of several cases challenging restrictions on same-sex marriage the Court will review, setting the stage for what will likely be the most watched, and potentially most influential, decision this term. SCOTUSblog has an excellent overview of the cases the Court is considering, and the different questions each presents.

An announcement of which cases are granted could come today, or the Court will make the announcement along with its regular orders list Monday morning.

Court to Review Voting Rights Act

The Court on Friday agreed to review the Voting Rights Act, a landmark piece of legislation originally passed during the civil rights era. The Court will focus on whether a core provision of the act, requiring certain states with a history of racial discrimination to submit any changes in election laws to the Federal government for review, exceeds Congress’ authority.

The case is Shelby County v. Holder.