Weekly Roundup – June 18, 2014

Did you miss your Supreme Court news this week? Let our Weekly Roundup help. (To stay on top of the latest Supreme Court happenings, follow ISCOTUS on Twitter.)

On the 47th anniversary of the decision that struck down laws banning interracial marriage, Professor Christopher Schmidt takes a look at the key moments of the case’s oral argument

Jeff Toobin argues that the Supreme Court’s decisions deregulating campaign finance have a drastic effect on the debate over climate change

How does a case make it to the Supreme Court’s docket? Columbia Law’s Olatunde Johnson explains in 30 seconds

Six Supreme Court decisions to watch for this month, via Newsweek

Justices: Coke’s pomegranate juice not the real thing

How is ‘certiorari’ pronounced? Even Supreme Court justices disagree

Inside the Court’s flag burning decision, 25 years ago this month

In response to the problems of the Court changing opinion wording, a coder has come up with a way to track changes

With a relatively mild week of decisions, what’s still on tap for Supreme Court decisions?

Who has a bigger vocabulary, Jay-Z or Scalia?

Supreme Court rejects Argentina appeal in bond fight

High court nixes holding school graduation in church

Supreme Court to consider online-threats case

Opinion analysis from Lyle Denniston of SCOTUSblog: False politicking law open to challenge

The Supreme Court opens the door to the free speech challenge of a law regulating campaign lies

The Supreme Court narrowly decided that purchasers of guns must disclose who its ultimate owner will be

Supreme Court to weigh threats on social media

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