Winter 2006 Volume 23, Number 1

The Winter 2006 issue of THE ILLINOIS PUBLIC EMPLOYEE RELATIONS REPORT is available here!

This issue’s feature article by Gary Bailey is titled “Health Insurance Trends in Interest Arbitration”

Recommended Citations:

  • Gary Bailey, Health Insurance Trends in Interest Arbitration, 23 Ill. Pub. Lab. Emp. Rel. Rep. 1 (2006).
  • Recent Developments, 23 Ill. Pub. Lab. Emp. Rel. Rep. 10 (2006).

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  • FACULTY EDITORS: Peter Feuille and Martin H. Malin
  • PRODUCTION EDITOR: Sharon Wyatt-Jordan
  • STUDENT EDITORS: Judith Archer, Jeremy Edelson, Meagan C. LeGear, Evan M. Lison.