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The Justice Department has asked the Supreme Court to take the unusual step of reviewing a federal judge’s order temporarily blocking President Trump’s decision to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (DACA). As Ariane de Vogue of CNN explains, the Supreme Court disfavors bypassing lower courts for direct review in these situations. Typically, the … Continue reading DACA & SCOTUS

Obama’s Immigration Program and the Supreme Court

The Supreme Court agreed last week to review a legal challenge to President Obama’s plans to use his executive power to revamp immigration policy, and since then commentators have been weighing in with explanations and prognostications.  Here is a survey of where the issue now stands. The case of United States v. Texas involves a … Continue reading Obama’s Immigration Program and the Supreme Court

Court Strikes Down Most of Controversial Immigration Law

The Supreme Court today rejected most of the state of Arizona’s controversial immigration enforcement law as unconstitutionally infringing on the Federal government’s powers. While most of the law was struck down, one provision, which allows state law enforcement personell to inquire about immigration status where there is reasonable suspicion that an individual might be in … Continue reading Court Strikes Down Most of Controversial Immigration Law

Final Week of Arguments

The Court this week will hear the the final arguments of the 2011 Term. The last argument, on Wednesday, will be in Arizona v. United States, the widely watched challenge to Arizona’s controversial immigration law. The Court is expected to issue opinions on all pending cases by late June. New cases are already being docketed … Continue reading Final Week of Arguments