Update! Extended access for graduates for Bloomberg and Lexis

Good news!  Graduates can access Lexis until 2/28/2021 and Bloomberg until 6/1/2021.  We hope this helps!

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2020 Summer and Post-Grad Access to Westlaw, Lexis & Bloomberg

Westlaw logo

Can you access your Westlaw, Lexis, and Bloomberg accounts over the summer?  What about after graduation? The answer to both is yes, but with some restrictions for Westlaw and for graduates.  See below for more information. Continue reading

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Chronicle of Higher Education Access During COVID-19

The Chronicle of Higher Education contains college and university news, opinions, advice, and job listings. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Chronicle offers insight and resources on online teaching, supporting students from a distance, and numerous additional issues confronting higher education in this unprecedented time.

If you are a Chicago-Kent faculty member, staff, or student who would like to access the Chronicle of Higher Education via Chicago-Kent College of Law Library, then please follow the steps below:  Continue reading

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Study Aids and Chicago Daily Law Bulletin in the Time of Covid-19

The Law Library is working with legal publishers as they temporarily remove paywalls and open access to various subscription services during the Covid-19 pandemic. We hope that these services can help you as you finish your semester in an online environment. Below we provide information about both current subscriptions and new temporary access options.

See also: Library Resources During Covid-19


Continue reading

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Electronic Access to Casebooks and the Bluebook

Updated: More Publishers Added!

Given the Covid-19 emergency, publishers of law school casebooks and texts have agreed to make many casebooks available electronically to our students for free. The Law Library is working out the details of remote access with the publishers. Each publisher has a different policy so please follow the guidelines below. Continue reading

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Remote Library Services During Shutdown

Chicago-Kent Law Library is closed to onsite access starting Tuesday, March 17.

The library staff will be available to assist with research questions and questions about accessing library resources remotely. Faculty and students can email us at refreq@kentlaw.iit.edu with research questions or for help with library services. Continue reading

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ABA TECHSHOW 2020 – February 26-29

How many events can claim to take place on Feb. 29?  Techshow 2020 can!

Techshow 2020 LogoAre you looking for a quick way to get up to speed on the latest legal technology?  ABA hosts an annual Techshow in Chicago.  This conference provides one of the best opportunities for students to engage with emerging legal technologies hands-on.  Techshow 2020 runs from February 28-March 2 at Hyatt Regency Chicago.  The conference will feature dozens of one-hour sessions. These sessions cover all kinds of legal technologies – from practical tips for using Microsoft Office, to digital security, to favorite websites and mobile apps.

Register for the Techshow 2020

Students can register to attend Techshow 2020 for only $100 (a great bargain).  If you don’t have time to attend the sessions, the free vendor showcase is open on Thursday and Friday. You can stop by anytime for as long as you like.  The vendor showcase is a great way to learn about new legal technologies and services in an exhibit hall featuring more than 130 companies.  You can see live demos of legal tech systems and equipment, not to mention pick up free pens and a few other useful gadgets.  The Techshow is also a good opportunity to learn more about alternative jobs available in the legal tech sector.

Chicago-Kent in Techshow 2020 Sessions

If you register for Techshow 2020, don’t miss the sessions!  Sessions are organized in tracks to help you find the most relevant content.  Sessions will feature Chicago-Kent speakers on the “Next 20 Years” track.  Alexander Rabanal, Research Fellow and Associate Director of The Law Lab, will talk about “Innovation Foundation: Forward-Thinking Law School Curriculum.” And one of our own librarians, Debbie Ginsberg, will sit on the panel for “Skills Buiding: Best Practices for Teaching Tech to Law Students.”

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A Library Raffle for CK Students Using Procertas – Win SB Gift Cards!

procertas logo win 2020

What is Procertas?

In practice, lawyers need to use Word skills to create professional briefs. We teach these skills in class, but by using the Procertas Word Brief Module, you can practice and learn additional skills at your own pace.  

If you have your Procertas login, you can see the Word Brief Module here.

This module will be particularly helpful for 1Ls.  The module covers many of the skills the librarians will be teaching in your class, giving you a chance to practice before you have to turn in your assignments.

For more about Procertas, see our earlier blog post.

How do I Win?

Complete Word Brief modules and you’ll be entered into monthly drawings for Starbucks Gift Cards!  

The contest will run from January 29 until May 15, 2020, at 5:00 pm [updated]. Students who participate can win one of five $25 Starbucks gift cards. Students may only win the raffle once. 

Who is eligible? 

Only Chicago-Kent law students may participate – we especially hope to see 1Ls enter!   

Law staff and faculty are not eligible for this contest, but can use Procertas for their own training. Other members of the IIT community cannot use Procertas and are not eligible, nor are law students from other schools.

Raffle Entries

Completing either the Word Brief Training module once or the Word Brief Assessment module once will qualify the student for one raffle entry.  

    • That is, students who complete both the Training Module and the Assessment module will qualify for 2 entries.
    • Completing individual modules more than once will not qualify for extra entries.  
    • Completing other modules will not qualify for entries in this contest (e.g. Word, Excel, PDF, or PowerPoint).
    • Students who receive an Expert score on the Word Brief Assessment module will receive an additional entry.  Students can take the Word Brief Assessment module more than once to increase their score but will only get an extra entry upon achieving an Expert score.  


Example of Procertas Scores Win 2020

Here, I’ve completed three modules.  The Word Brief Trainer and Word Brief Assessment modules qualify me for two entries.  Completing the PDF trainer modules does not qualify me for an additional entry. I can take the Word Brief Assessment module again to raise my score, but I’ll only get a third entry if I earn “Expert”.


One winner – student with the highest score in the Word Brief Assessment module as of 5:00 pm on May 15 [updated].

Tied scores will be determined by random drawing. 

Students who complete the Word Brief Assessment and/or Word Brief Training modules will be entered into the random drawing held each month. Students whose names aren’t drawn in the month they complete a module will be eligible for drawings in later months.  

Deadline to qualify each month:  

    • 5:00 pm, Monday, February 24 
    • 5:00 pm, Monday, March 30
    • 5:00 pm, Friday, May 15 [updated]

Random drawings will be held each month after the deadline. Winners will be notified by kentlaw email. 

    • February – one winner
    • March – one winner
    • May – two winners

The Educational Technology Librarian will check Procertas online reports to see which Word Brief modules have been completed.  Only those modules that Procertas marks as “finished” or have a score will be eligible for prizes. Partially completed modules will not be eligible.  

How to access the Word Brief Modules

  • Check your mail! You received a login for Procertas at the start of the Fall semester.  If you didn’t validate your login at that time, you received another email at the beginning of this semester.
  • Once you log in, go to the Modules List.   You’ll see ten training and assessment modules, including the Word Brief Trainer and Word Brief Assessment.  
  • Start the Word Brief Trainer and/or the Assessment.
  • If you have trouble accessing Procertas, contact Deborah Ginsberg, dginsberg@kentlaw.iit.edu.  

The modules in yellow are eligible for the contest.  You can complete the others but they do not qualify for raffle entries. 

Word Brief Assessment Modules

Questions?  Contact Deborah Ginsberg, Educational Technology Librarian, dginsberg@kentlaw.iit.edu.  

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Students Ask and Staff Respond: Chicago-Kent 2019 Staff Team Excellence Award Winners

Congratulations to the Chicago-Kent Technology Instruction Team on winning the 2019 IIT Staff Team Excellence Award for “Innovative Contribution to Support Excellence in Teaching and Research”!

Chicago-Kent Staff Excellence Awardees Debbie Ginsberg, Dawn Young, and Emily Barney with IIT President Cramb and Provost Kilpatrick

Chicago-Kent Technology Instruction Team

  • Debbie Ginsberg, Educational Technology Librarian
  • Emily Barney, Technology Training & Marketing Librarian
  • Dawn Young, Director of Institutional Projects and Adjunct Professor of Legal Writing

Continue reading

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Introducing Procertas: Learn Word, Excel & More

The problem

Librarians speak in your writing classes about how lawyers use Word in practice. We show you how to set up briefs, use styles, set up tables of contents, and create tables of authorities.  We have also created an online guide explaining Word skills.

But we wanted to do more to help you learn these and other skills.  And we wanted to offer you tools that let you learn technology at your own pace.

The solution


procertas logo

This year, the Law Library is pleased to offer a new tool, Procertas, to help you learn law office technologies such as Word, Excel, and PDF that are important tech skills to become an efficient lawyer. 

Continue reading

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