Current Events: Find News and Research Background

Are you interested in tracking news stories covering current events or finding background sources on issues such as social justice, the executive branch, and COVID-19 and the law? The Law Library can help. We subscribe to several major newspapers and curated research collections covering current events.

New York Times (NYT)

Read “Managing your New York Times Account” for step-by-step instructions to set up and manage your annual account for the NYT. You no longer need to be on campus to register or access the NYT.

Wall Street Journal (WSJ)

1. To create a Wall Street Journal account: Go to Chicago-Kent College of Law Library’s Databases page and select “W” or scroll down to Wall Street Journal.

2.  Next, click on the link for personal login in the description for the Wall Street Journal. By using this link, you will receive a prompt to enter your kentlaw email and password.  You no longer need to be on campus to create your account, but you need to use this link from the Databases page to renew your account through the Chicago-Kent College of Law Library.

3. Download the WSJ app to your mobile device(s) and access the WSJ on the go!

Bloomberg News at Bloomberg Law

Current members of the Chicago-Kent community have access to Bloomberg News through the Library’s subscription to Bloomberg Law.

Register for a Bloomberg Law Account

1. If you need to register for a Bloomberg Law account, use the following link, BloombergLaw, and select Register Academic Account.  (You can also retrieve your Username or Password from this page.)

2. On the next screen, skip the activation code and complete the form using your kentlaw credentials. You will receive an email from Bloomberg Law with instructions for setting up your account.

Access Bloomberg News

1. Once you complete your registration, log into Bloomberg Law, and select Browse from the upper left corner.

2. Next, click on “News & Analysis” from the pull-down menu.

3. Next, select “News from Bloomberg Terminal.”

4. The next options allow you to browse for today’s news with “Latest News” or search for previous news stories with “News Search.”

HeinOnline Specialized Libraries 

HeinOnline has new libraries and content covering emerging topics in government and society. These curated libraries contain articles, government documents, and reports.

Go to Chicago-Kent College of Law Library’s Databases page and select “H” or scroll down to HeinOnline. If offsite, you will receive a prompt to enter your kentlaw credentials.

  • U.S. Presidential Library: includes a new sub-collection dedicated to the Electoral College. Researchers can locate material that explains how the Electoral College works, discusses the history of its formation, analyzes the debate around College’s efficiency, and provides an overview of efforts to reform and abolish the Electoral College.
  • Executive Privilege: provides primary and secondary source material such as government documents from the executive, legislative, and judicial branches, plus law review articles and books invoking, debating, and exploring instances of
    executive privilege from the country’s founding to the present day.
  • U.S. Presidential Impeachment Library: organized by the four affected presidents, this collection presents documents both contemporaneous and asynchronous to each president’s impeachment.
  • Civil Rights and Social Justice: publications covering civil rights in the U.S., including hearings, legislative histories on the landmark legislation, CRS and GAO reports, briefs from major Supreme Court cases, publications from the Commission on Civil Rights, and a curated list of scholarly articles and books.
  • COVID-19 in America: Response, Issues, and Law: this library, organized into the following areas of impact: Economics, Global, Health, and Society, includes federal government reports and publications on the various ways COVID-19 has impacted every aspect of life.

If you have any questions about access, research, or using these collections, please contact the Law Library at

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