Take back your time with iOS settings

iPhone users: have you taken advantage of all the time-saving features built into your phone’s settings? If you’re a long-time user, you may have missed a few of these newer options that came with more recent updates.

Do Not Disturb

In 2017, Apple introduced its “Do Not Disturb” feature that silences notifications when you are driving.  With 2018’s update, iOS 12, they added this same function for “bedtime”, too. If you use your phone as an alarm clock, but would otherwise like your phone to be quiet when you sleep, give this new feature a try.  

Words with Friends

I didn’t really need to know who’s playing Words with Friends at 2 am.

To silence your phone, open “Settings” and select “Do Not Disturb”.  You can then set a bedtime, during which your screen is dimmed, your phone is silent, and you’ll be left alone.  If you’d like, you can set up the phone so you won’t miss emergency calls (for example, you can set the phone to ring if for phone calls from your “Favorites” list).

Do Not Disturb in iOS 12

Don’t want to be interrupted during a study session, writing a paper, or during an exam? This feature has your back – just turn on the top switch and all will be quiet.

Reclaiming Screen Time

If you want more control over your screen time in general, there’s a new feature for that, too.  In “Settings,” you’ll now find a “Screen Time” tool that both lets you control your screentime as well as track how much you use your phone.  

Screen Time iOS 12

It will even enforce a “bedtime”.  Use the Downtime feature to set times when you want to avoid using your apps.  Once Downtime is activated, you’ll have to bypass its warnings to use your apps during the times you scheduled. It’s not a complete lockout, but it’s robust enough to remind you it’s time to wind down.

Downtime iOS12

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