Creating Flashcards with Quizlet

Want to make sure you retain what you learn? One of the most effective strategies is to create your own study materials. This is true when studying for exams and as you go through your readings for class. 

While outlines are great for understanding relationships and big-picture concepts, you also need to make sure you’ve got a good foundation in your subject as well.  Flashcards can help with that. Lots of people like pen-and-notecard flashcards, but you can easily create flashcards online, too.

Quizlet is a tool for creating flashcards online that you can use to test your knowledge with a variety of tools.  These tools include quizzes, sample tests, and even games.

Quizlet test example

Quizlet includes tests with different types of questions such as fill-in-the-blank & multiple choice

You can even download your cards to your phone or tablet and study with those.  

Quizlet on an iPhone

You can access your flashcards on your mobile devices

Using Quizlet to Create Flashcards

These videos will show you how Quizlet works as well as how to get started creating your own cards.

Quizlet Foundations – shows examples of what Quizlet can do:

Creating Flashcards in Quizlet – step-by-step guide:

Example of a Quizlet set of flashcards (password is msword)

Note that while a basic account is free, some of Quizlet’s advanced tools (such as using your own images) work only with a paid account.  But for law student use, the free account should be adequate.

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