How can HeinOnline help me with my legal research?

HeinOnline is a database that contains searchable, full-text PDFs of over 2,500 legal journal titles, the Congressional Record, state historical statutes, Restatements, and many other legal research resources.

Here is a link to HeinOnline.

You can also access it by going to Chicago-Kent College of Law Library’s homepage and following these steps:

  • In the pale gray box in the center of the page, go to the third drop-down menu, labeled “Top Resources.” (Please see the yellow arrow in the photo below for the location.)

  • Click on the arrow to the right of the words, “Top Resources,” to open the drop-down menu.
  • Select HeinOnline.
  • This will take you to HeinOnline. When off-campus, you will log in using your myIIT username and password. This is the only way to access HeinOnline off-campus.

Tip: When off-campus, if you type into your web browser, you will not be asked to log in using your myIIT username and password and will not have access to HeinOnline’s resources.

Once logged in, you will see the following home screen:

You can browse Hein’s databases either by category or by name. You can also search all of the databases simultaneously, or select a specific database within which to search.

Clicking on the small, round “i” next to each database’s name will give you information about its contents.

With what aspects of legal research can HeinOnline assist you? Here are some examples of the great resources that HeinOnline has to offer law students:

  • Cite-checking via the Law Journal Library and other databases
  • Research for seminar papers via the Law Journal Library
  • Preparation for moot court competitions, such as via the Philip C. Jessup Library of International Law
  • Keeping up with current events, such as via the History of Supreme Court Nominations database (1977 – present) and the Women and the Law (Peggy) database
  • Class preparation such as via the U.S. Treaties and Agreements Library and the Manual of Patent Examining Procedure

Happy researching! If you have any questions about using HeinOnline, please contact the Chicago-Kent Law Library’s Reference Team.

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