CALI Conference 2018 (Updated with Video!)

Chicago-Kent librarians will be traveling to speak at the 2018 annual CALI conference this week in Washington DC. Follow along online via twitter at the #CALIcon18 hashtag if you want to join the conversation remotely!

Debbie and Emily will be co-presenting a talk titled “60 Tips in 60 Minutes for Law School Techies: The CALI Edition” on Friday at 2:30pm EDT (1:30pm CDT)

Video from CALIcon 2018

Presentation Slides & Links

Find direct links to the tools in our presentation here (via diigo, one of my tips):

More of CALIcon 2018

Find the full schedule on their website if you want to review the session titles and descriptions. Want to watch the sessions after the fact? View the CALIcon18 playlist on their YouTube channel.

Archive of CALIcon Presentations

The CALI conference presentations are archived on Youtube here where you can browse by year or find our individual presentations from previous years in these lists:

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