Student Organization Services

Did you know the library offers services for our student organizations that range from event photography to hosting the law review and other journals?

With new leadership coming on board at the end of the semester, here are a few of the ways we help our student organizations and journals throughout the year:

Student Organization Websites

Emily Barney

Emily Barney

Student organization websites are managed through a WordPress platform hosted and supported by the library. I am the primary contact for website questions – email me here if you have any questions: Emily Barney.

I can share access to these WordPress Sites, training materials, branding and content strategies via email or in person, on request – I like to be flexible to meet students’ needs.

Debbie GinsbergSeveral of our student journals are published on the library’s Scholarly Commons platform, which provides a search engine optimized repository. Debbie Ginsberg is the primary contact for updating the repository.


Student Organization Tech Tools

From Google Apps to Social Media, I am also available to answer questions, provide training, and offer tips and tricks to make sure your student organization has tools that can help our organizations share information effectively.

For example, in the last year our student organizations and journals have found that Facebook Events and Facebook Live videos have become more useful ways to encourage people to attend and view events. Not sure how to set them up or optimize them? I would be glad to help!

Find more of our student organizations on social media via these links:


With early notification, I also offers event photography and personal headshots to our student organizations and their leadership. Availability of these services may be limited by my schedule.


If you have questions about any of these services, feel free to email me, connect via my personal social media accounts (below) or stop by the library and ask how to find me (tip: look for the rainbow tetris lamp).

My work with our student organizations led to the 2017-2018 SBA Staff member of the Year award. I’m thankful to so many of the students I’ve worked with this last year for all of their leadership and the work they put into our wonderful student organizations and I look forward to working with our new leaders in the coming years!

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