Crunch time-management for exams

Pomodoro timerExams are right around the corner.  Sometimes, you’re on top of everything.  Sometimes, there’s just not enough time in the day.  Here are some common time-management techniques and ideas that might help make this exam period a little less stressful.


This is a pretty easy technique.  Essentially, there are only three steps:

  1. Pick something to study
  2. Study it for 25 minutes
  3. Take a short break

After you take your break, repeat these steps.  For every 4 sessions of 25 minutes, take a longer break.  You can learn more about Pomodoro here.  Librarian Scott Vanderlin has used Pomodoro, and has found the Pomotodo web app to be really helpful for staying on track.

More tips

If Pomodoro isn’t your style, here’s a list of a few more techniques.  Law School Tool Box offers a few tips just for law students.  And don’t forget to manage your time during exams, too.

About Debbie Ginsberg

Debbie was the Educational Technology Librarian at the Chicago-Kent College of Law until she left for a new job in 2021
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