Tech You Should Know: Panopto Mobile

It’s hard to believe it’s almost time for the fall semester to start!  Many faculty now make recordings and host them on our Panopto server.  These recordings might be an entire class, student performances, or even a short video to watch for homework.  You can view the videos online here.  But did you know you can also watch them on your mobile devices?

Panopto offers a mobile app for iPhones, iPads, and Android devices.  Once downloaded, it’s easy to login and watch your videos.

Panopto App Setup

  1. Set up the app by adding the host site (

    Panopto mobile add host
  2. Change the Account to KentlawADFS:

  3. Login with your kentlaw email credentials:

  4. Browse to the folder and video you wish to watch:
  5. PanoptomoblefolderPress play:


The app doesn’t have all of the features of the web version (you can’t take notes, for example), but it’s very convenient for watching videos from anywhere.  

About Debbie Ginsberg

Debbie was the Educational Technology Librarian at the Chicago-Kent College of Law until she left for a new job in 2021
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