A Brand New Lexis

Have you logged in to Lexis today?  Don’t worry, you’re not going crazy–this is not your Daddy’s Lexis (even if he just graduated from law school in May).  This morning marks the unveiling of a completely redesigned Lexis Advance interface.  That’s right–Lexis just got more Advanced.

Your Lexis ID and password will remain the same, but beyond that, not much else will look familiar.  Lexis has overhauled its interface in an effort to improve navigation and to make it easier to review and analyze search results.  The new Lexis Advance features improvements to Alerts, Browsing, Filters, Tables of Contents, and more.

For questions about navigating the new Lexis Advance interface, stop by the reference desk to talk it over with one of our Research Librarians, or contact our Lexis Representative Jonnell Simpson (jonnell.simpson@lexisnexis.com).  You can also explore the new interface on your own with the assistance of these resources published by Lexis:

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