Welcome 1L’s!

10th floor reading room ceiling

A view I remember from doing my class readings while the jet planes from the Air and Water Show flew overhead.

This week is the beginning of orientation for our 1L’s.  For me, this August marks the 10 year anniversary of when I started law school right here at Chicago-Kent.  I remember how exciting it was to be at the threshold of the legal profession.  The most exciting part of orientation week was probably going to class for the first time.  It was intimidating, but it made me feel like I had finally arrived.  After a year of LSAT, applications, acceptances, rejections, tours, and agonizing, it was a relief to be actually sitting in the classroom learning something!

And even though I’m not a practicing attorney anymore, I still feel proud of my J.D.  As law school goes on, it can seem like being a lawyer isn’t all that special.  After all, you’re around law students and lawyers all day long.  It starts to seem like everyone is a lawyer.  But don’t forget that not everyone gets to be a lawyer, even those who might want to.  So please hang on to the excitement that you feel this week.  Getting to law school is a major accomplishment, and everyone here at Chicago-Kent is excited to see what else you’ll achieve next!

To help you make this transition, the Library has several online guides for those of you who are new to the law school and/or new to Chicago.  “Welcome to Chicago” will tell you about things to do in the city and also help you get to know the area surrounding Chicago-Kent and its nearby restaurants, drug stores, and grocery stores.  We also have a library guide to help new law students who have questions about how to succeed as a 1L.


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