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Be sure to mark your calendar for our tech tips! We can’t help you defeat robot Lex Luthor, but we can help with normal student challenges. Thanks to Pedro Vezini for the photo

The Library’s Tech Group, working with the SBA Tech Committee, has set up a series of 15 minute weekly presentations for the rest of this semester, scheduled for 3:00 on Wednesdays in room 305. We’re happy to answer questions, too, and will have cookies!

Our goal is to help give you tools that will make your life easier as a student, but be useful for you in the future in your legal career as well.

March 26: Doing more with PDFs

From apps to advanced settings, learn about your options and tools you might want to try. We’ll show apps for iOS, Android, and Windows devices as well as the software you may already have on your computer or free alternatives.

Bonus: learn about features of pdf documents that legal professionals use regularly. For instance, do you know what OCR stands for? How to redact pdfs securely? We’ll show you!

April 2: Email Management

Learn about Gmail’s advanced searching, automatic filtering, and more settings that make your email work the way you need. There are a lot of customizations available: we’ll show you the ones that save the most time.

April 9: Note taking tools

We’ll show you how to access your notes from any device, keep them organized, even set them up to allow for collaboration if you like.

April 16: Backup your documents

As it gets closer to exams, learn how you can have more peace of mind with simple backup tools that will give you easy access to your documents online. We’ll cover
“cloud tools” from Google Drive to Dropbox and more, as well as software options and security settings.

April 23: Mindmapping for exams

If you’ve been building a traditional outline for your classes, consider how creating a visual outline may help you review your existing content and/or create a more memorable format to study from.

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