Holiday Movies and the Law

If you’re feeling guilty about staying far, far away from the law over the winter break, maybe you can split the difference by watching some fun holiday movies that talk about the law. The Law Library of Congress put together a great list of holiday movies, and movies that take place over the holidays.

They all have some kind of legal issue right out in the open, like the commitment proceedings in Miracle on 34th Street, or lurking in the details, like whether Kevin could legally be left home by himself in Home Alone:

Trading Places Movie PosterYou might also want to watch one holiday favorite, Trading Places. Pay special attention to the very end when Louis Winthorpe and Billy Ray Valentine get their revenge via the commodities market. If you never understood that part as a kid (or as an adult), check out this explanation from NPR’s Planet Money team. Of special interest to law students: It turns out it wasn’t illegal to trade commodities on inside information obtained from the government until 2010. What’s 2010 rule called? Why, the “Eddie Murphy Rule” of course!

Happy holidays from the law library!

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