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Law School Dojo

Test your legal knowledge – but don’t lose all of your lives!

Looking for some last-minute tools to assist you with your exams?  Your tablet or smart phone can help. Here are a few apps you might find useful.

Aspen offers a suite of mobile apps for studying, including Law in a Flash apps (iOS & Android).  The Law in a Flash apps are free, and sample cards for each subject are included.  However, you’ll need to pay about $20 for full sets of cards on a specific subject..  These subjects include Civil Procedure, Federal Income Tax, Secured Transactions, and many more topics.  The Siegel’s 1L Q&A Mobile App covers 1L subjects (iOS and Android).

West offers mobile apps as well.  The Sum & Substance apps include mini-lectures on individual topics that make up a course subject.  West’s apps are more expensive, though – about $50 each.  Subjects include contracts, criminal law, constitutional law, criminal procedure, and real property. iOS only.

Law School Dojo is a fun way to study. Rack up the points as you answer legal questions — but don’t run out of lives!  The free iOS version of the app comes with three games — Open, Your Rights, and the Supreme Court.  Purchase additional subjects like Federal Income Tax and Evidence for $2.99.  Also available on Android, but there is no free base app.  Instead, you can purchase the individual topic apps for $2.99/each.

You can also make your own flashcards if you are so inclined.  The website Flashcard Apps compares over 150 different iOS flashcard apps, many of which are free.  Pick the one that works best for you.

Good luck on your exams!

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Debbie was the Educational Technology Librarian at the Chicago-Kent College of Law until she left for a new job in 2021
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