Weekly Roundup – July 16, 2014

Did you miss your Supreme Court news this week? Let our Weekly Roundup help. (To stay on top of the latest Supreme Court happenings, follow ISCOTUS on Twitter.)

In case you missed it: Find all of our videos explaining the decisions from this Supreme Court Term in one place

The Supreme Court chose not to hear the appeal of Google’s Street View case, leaving Google vulnerable to lawsuits for collecting personal data

The Supreme Court will hear a case challenging UPS’s refused accommodation for a pregnant employee

Hobby Lobby, Corporations & Constitutional Rights, by Prof. Christopher Schmidt

The Justices appeared less divided than usual this term, but Adam Liptak says that the numbers may be misleading

Confused by RFRA and Hobby Lobby? Take a look at SCOTUSblog’s coverage of the birth control mandate case in plain English

With Aereo temporarily out of the picture, TV-streaming competitors are stepping in to fill the void

Last week, the Supreme Court declined to hear a case against California’s ban on gay “conversion therapy”

Does it matter if the Court regularly splits 5-4?

The Heritage Foundation hosted a panel with Jess Bravin, David Savage, and Adam Liptak that discusses tech, credentialing and more

A few notes on the Supreme Court’s unanimity from SCOTUSblog’s stat pack

The decision in the recent software patent case resembles Douglas Adams’ “42,” one professor claims

The cards are falling into place for the Supreme Court to take on a state gay marriage ban. Are they ready?

Next Term, the Justices will venture into the realm of Facebook’s and Twitter’s free speech

Even in the Court’s blockbuster cases this Term, the decisions were narrow ones

Religious free speech will return to the Court in the next Term with a case out of Arizona

Mark your calendars – the next Supreme Court session begins October 6, 2014

Will Aereo’s next idea prevent its own untimely end?

The town of Greece, NY, invites an atheist to deliver the invocation at their town meeting

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