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Court Agrees to Hear Double Jeopardy Challenge

Case: Blueford v. Arkansas The Court today agreed to hear a double jeopardy case, specifically addressing whether an accused murderer can be retried on all counts if the first jury deadlocks on lesser charges but acquits him of a greater offense. The case is No. 10-1320, Blueford v. Arkansas. You can read the full background … Continue reading Court Agrees to Hear Double Jeopardy Challenge

SCOTUS Audio+Transcripts Now Available

Case: Douglas v. Independent Living Center of Southern California The audio + transcripts are now available for the cases argued in the session beginning October 3, 2011. The expanded player offers additional functions such as search, speaker locations in the time line, and clip creation. We have identified transcription errors but we have not corrected … Continue reading SCOTUS Audio+Transcripts Now Available