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Behind the Decisions of 2012

The 2012 Term of the Supreme Court wrapped up with many important decisions. The faculty of Chicago-Kent College of Law goes behind the decisions to explain what happened, why, and what it means for the future.

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DOMA in the Supreme Court – Behind the Decision


United States v. Windsor

The Supreme Court struck down the Defense of Marriage Act this Term by declaring it unconstitutional. This historic decision has many important implications for the future. Get the facts on where same-sex marriage now stands from Chicago-Kent Professor Katharine Baker, who submitted an amicus brief on behalf of family law professors to the case.

Professor Shapiro On A Double Standard In The Court

This blockbuster week of Supreme Court decisions brought us two particular rulings of note. In her blog post, ISCOTUS Director and Chicago-Kent College of Law Professor Carolyn Shapiro examines the opinions in cases with a similar result of less federal oversight, but opposite ideological majorities of Justices. The cases: Shelby County v. Holder (Voting Rights … Continue reading Professor Shapiro On A Double Standard In The Court

Recapping the Same-Sex Marriage and Affirmative Action Cases


Hollingsworth v. Perry

If you’re looking to refresh your memory on some of the big cases still awaiting the Supreme Court’s decision, take a look at the videos provided by Chicago-Kent’s Institute on the Supreme Court of the United States (ISCOTUS).

Same-sex marriage

Discover information on the politics, the background, and the issues involved in the two same-sex marriage cases before the Supreme Court in our Deep Dive. These videos discuss the basics of both Hollingsworth v. Perry (the Prop 8 case) and United States v. Windsor (the DOMA case).

Affirmative action

Professors Carolyn Shapiro (ISCOTUS Director and Associate Professor of Law) and Sheldon Nahmod (Distinguished Professor of Law) discuss the details in Fisher v. University of Texas.

The Arguments

The Background

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Today’s Prop. 8 Argument Audio – Now available

Case: Hollingsworth v. Perry Oyez will have oral argument audio in today’s Prop. 8 case around 1:00 PM Eastern Time today, moments after we have the audio from the Court. A synchronized, searchable transcript of the audio will be posted roughly 90 minutes after the audio. UPDATE: The audio and transcript are now available. For … Continue reading Today’s Prop. 8 Argument Audio – Now available

Forum on the Same Sex Marriage Cases

Case: United States v. Windsor On Wednesday, May 27, 2013, at 3 pm CDT, IIT Chicago-Kent is presenting a forum on the same sex marriage cases. The forum will be streaming live here and will be posted later on Chicago-Kent’s YouTube channel. The event is cosponsored by ISCOTUS, as well as by the Chicago-Kent Lambdas … Continue reading Forum on the Same Sex Marriage Cases