Chicago-Kent’s Center for Design, Law & Technology (cDELTA or c∆) promotes research, scholarship, and instruction at the intersection of creativity, technology, design, and the law. Building on Chicago-Kent College of Law’s recognized expertise, the Center fosters research that examines a range of topics related to design, including:

  • Legal protections of design in the U.S. and internationally
  • Creativity and innovation in design
  • Design thinking and problem solving

Convening experts from various disciplines including business, law, and design, the Center hosts talks, workshops, and conferences related to these topics.  In conjunction with the Chicago-Kent Center for Empirical Research of Intellectual Property (CESIP),c∆ also offers grants to fund research related to innovation and creativity.

Researchers from other institutions can become Researcher Affiliates of c∆ and actively participate in its programs, as well as apply for grants.  In addition, c∆ facilitates the training of students in the practice of seeking design protection via the Chicago-Kent Patent Hub and IP Clinic and Entrepreneurial Law Clinic.