The Chicago-Kent Center for Design, Law & Technology (c∆) and the Notre Dame Law School’s Program on Intellectual Property and Technology Law have partnered to start a new event, the Design Law Scholars Roundtable (DLSR).  The DLSR convenes leading scholars and experts in design law from around the world, who are invited to exchange ideas in a free-wheeling conversation on pressing issues in design law.  The DLSR will be an annual event rotating between the two law schools. This year’s event is hosted by Notre Dame.

c∆ Co-Founders Graeme Dinwoodie and Ed Lee, and Mark McKenna of Notre Dame, who is also a research affiliate of c∆, are the founders of the Design Law Scholars Roundtable.  

“The roundtable is a format that has worked very well for other subjects, including trademark law and international intellectual property.  We thought it was a no-brainer to create a roundtable for the increasingly important field of design law,” said Lee.