This week has been a busy one for the Admissions Office!  The first tuition deposit was due yesterday (4/15), summer start class registration is in full swing, AND one of CK’s very own, Hanna Kaufman, spoke at the White House.  No big deal…just a typical week here at 565 W. Adams.

So how did Hanna end up at the White House?  Well, it all started during the Fall 2013 semester, when Hanna participated in the Justice and Technology Practicum taught by Professor Staudt and staff from the Center for Access to Justice and Technology.  While in the Practicum, Hanna and California’s Administrative Offices of the Court joined forces to created an A2J Guided Interview for filling out a child support modification.  For all of you (myself included) who may not know what an A2J Guided Interview is — it is an interactive, online interface that allows pro se litigants an easy way to complete and assemble court documents that are ready to be filed with the court system.  It is an amazing tool, and if you are interested in learning more about it, please go here.

Fast forward to April 14, 2015 and the White House Forum on Increasing Access to Justice.  Due to her experience in the Practicum, Hanna was invited to address the Forum ( the only law student to receive an invite!), and traveled to D.C. with Professor Staudt.  Her presentation, “Law Students + Technology = Closing the Justice Gap,” focused on her A2J Guided Interview as well as how technology and learning “lawyering skills of the future” can help attorneys provide access to justice for underrepresented groups.  She was also invited to a reception at the Supreme Court and had the pleasure of meeting the one and only Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg.  I may be a little jealous.  The whole CK Community is extremely proud of Hanna and all that the Center for Access to Justice and Technology does.  Make sure to check out her presentation here.  She definitely rocked it.

– Emily


Hanna Kaufman with Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Hanna with RBG


LSC WH Forum Program

Forum Program