Department of the Month

Our aim for the Department of the Month (D.O.M.) is to gain some insight into the workings of each department. Hopefully, this will allow us to direct students/visitors to departments and we will have the added bonus of getting to know each other. Also, Staff are encouraged to provide ideas.

Want to showcase your department? We’re looking for volunteers!

Project Members:

  • Sharon Wyatt-Jordan – Chair
  • Emily Barney
  • Barbara Clemmer
  • Deb Quentel
  • Gwendolyn Osborne

Past Departments of the Month:

January 2012 – Alumni Association
February 2012 – Registrar’s Office
March 2012 – Faculty Support
September 2012 – Law Offices
November 2012 – Library Technology Group
February 2013 – CALI: Center for Access to Legal Instruction