Holiday Giving at Chicago-Kent 2015

Robert and Ramona pull names for the gift card raffles

Ramona and Robert pull names for the gift card raffles!

The Chicago-Kent Staff Committee would like to give a very special thank you to the following faculty and departments that donated to the 2015 Holiday Party Raffle:

  • Prof. Lori Andrews
  • Prof. Alexander Boni-Saenz
  • Prof. Bartram Brown
  • Prof. Sungjoon Cho
  • Prof. Elizabeth DeArmond
  • Prof. David Gerber
  • Prof. Jerry Goldman
  • Prof. Eric Greenberg
  • Prof. Vivian Gross
  • Prof. Sarah Harding
  • Prof. Steven Harris
  • Prof. Daniel Katz
  • Dean Harold Krent
  • Prof. Edward Lee
  • Prof. Nancy Marder
  • Prof. Herbert Munsterman
  • Dawn Rupcich
  • Jayne Schreiber
  • Mary Anne Smith
  • Dean Steve Sowle
  • Prof. Joan Steinman
  • Prof. Dan Tarlock
  • Prof. Adrian Walters
  • Dawn Young

Kim Koppen

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