7 Questions with…Joel Hestermann


Joel Hestermann, Student Services Representative at the Registrar’s Office, not only sings the praises of Chicago-Kent, he sang at his own wedding! Read on for more about Joel’s first job, restaurants recommendations, favorite film (one that will very likely be playing non-stop after Thanksgiving), and more.

1) What was your first job?

I am not sure if being a golf caddie or cutting grass would qualify, but my first job that I was on payroll was for Carson Pirie Scott in 1994.  I worked in the shoe department in the Hammond, IN, store.  I really enjoyed this job because Woodmar Mall was close to my house and I loved the mall.  I am probably dating myself, but I was a Senior in High school at this time.  Not sure how I fit this job, plus academics, my social life and sports, all into the same time period.  But it was fun!

2) Which part of your job at Chicago-Kent do you most enjoy?

I would say the part of my job at Chicago-Kent I enjoy the most is being a part of such a great institution, Illinois Institute of Technology (a.k.a. Illinois Tech).  But it is really cool because it seems like I work for two great institutions, IIT and Kent College of Law.  I just recently did a survey for the Apple watch in a Best Buy in Highland, IN, and the surveyor asked me where I worked?  I said Kent College of Law.  There was a gentleman behind me that chimed in and said “That’s a great school!”  I asked him if he went to Kent, and he said no.  He went to Valparaiso Law School, but really wanted to go to Kent.

3) Is there a work-related accomplishment you’re particularly proud of?

As far as a work-related accomplishment that I am particularly proud of, I cannot say I really have one as of yet.  I just started in February of 2015, so I hope to have many years of wonderful contributions to Kent and Illinois Tech.

4) Any hidden talents?

Do I have any hidden talents?  Well, I was just talking to Dean Harris during Mohit’s going away party and shared with him that I am a musician.  I primarily focus on Christian Rock but I appreciate many different music.  I wrote a song for my wife called “Never Say Goodbye” and performed it at our wedding.  I am also a great speaker.  I have been blessed with a great speaking voice and I have a love for speech communication.  I can also hit a baseball 500 feet!  Ok, enough bragging.

5) Favorite Chicago (or Chicago-area) restaurant?

That is very hard to say because there are so many great restaurants.  I would have to name 2 favorites:  Flat Tops and Ditka’s.  But I guess if it came to picking one, I would go with Flat Tops.

6) Favorite travel spot?

Anywhere in the Caribbean.  But I would love to go to Israel.

7) Favorite movie, and why?

I would say my favorite movie would be “It’s a Wonderful Life.”  Sometimes we don’t realize what a good life we have until we analyze it.  I thank God for my life and am thankful for the opportunities He’s given me.  As George Bailey finds out, we must be thankful for all situations.  We never know when our last day will be.


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