Hot Yoga at FCC West Loop – RSVP required by 9/28/2012

Staff can RSVP to this event online using this form (you must be logged into your kentlaw e-mail). RSVP due by 9/28/2012 to set up the event.

What is Heated Vinyasa Flow?

Heated Vinyasa Flow is a form of yoga that involves movement from a flowing sequence which loosens the muscles for action and stimulates circulation. It is practiced in a studio heated to 94 degrees which enhances the process of relaxing the muscles, detoxifying the body, and strengthening the heart. This yoga practice uses postures in a flowing manor, connecting each posture with a breath. Class is appropriate for all levels. Towel service provided, as well as use of locker rooms.

Cost: FREE! Complimentary bottled water and Cliff bars provided.

Please bring: Comfortable lightweight athletic wear (e.g., shorts and t-shirt are fine), flip flops for showers, and signed FFC Guest Card.

FFC | West Loop
10 S. Clinton St.
Chicago, IL 60661

Emily Barney

Technology Training & Marketing Librarian

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