Lunch and Learn with Health on Earth

Health on Earth Wellness Centers visited our campus to offer a workshop on Stress – both its affect on us and basic methods to help alleviate the affects. The presentation was repeated into two separate sessions which were well attended, with a total of 40 people signing up for the two sessions.

The introductory presentation emphasized stress as a health risk, from its role in many of the most common diseases to the role stress plays in the rest of our lives. It costs businesses many hours of productivity and reduces our general quality of life.

The solutions portion included many practical tips, from being sure to get as much sleep as possible to setting up small reminders for physical activity (such as putting your tennis shoes by the front door so you can quickly go for a walk).

Tips for relaxation:

  • Redirect negative thoughts with positive affirmations
  • Breath deeply for 10 seconds (easy to focus on quickly)
  • Focused muscle relaxation (for at least 2 minutes)
  • Think about favorite activities to lift your mood
  • Listen to soothing sounds

Tips for nutrition:

  • Getting your vitamins from fresh veggies and fruit will be more effective than most packaged vitamins.
  • Check on the label of any packaged vitamins you take to be sure they are fresh and made with good quality ingredients.
  • Water : take half your body weight and do this in ounces (8 oz. = 1 cup)
    • So if you weighed 160 lbs, you would need to drink 80 oz. or 10 cups a day.

Tips for Posture:

  • Think of your head as a 12 lb. bowling ball that your body is struggling to support – sit up straight.
  • Chiropractic medicine removes interference, so getting a chiropractic checkup can help realign your body.

If you are interested in visting a Health on Earth Center (they offered a free visit to attendees) you can find their website here: http://healthonearth.org/

If you don’t live near one of those locations and have another chiropractor you’d recommend or have a general stress tip to share, please post them in the comments below!

Emily Barney

Technology Training & Marketing Librarian

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