Weekly Roundup – October 31, 2014

Did you miss your Supreme Court news this week? Let our Weekly Roundup help. (To stay on top of the latest Supreme Court happenings, follow ISCOTUS on Twitter.)

The three Yale-graduate justices visited their alma mater for an awards ceremony, where Justice Alito revealed his deadpan sense of humor.

Why has the Court seemingly gone silent even as it takes action on critical issues such as gay marriage, voting rights, and abortion? Adam Liptak reviews in the New York Times, and ISCOTUS director Chris Schmidt offers his own thoughts here.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg approves of John Oliver’s viral video sketch portraying the Supreme Court as nine talking dogs.

Why are we so fascinated with the justices’ cultural tastes? Time magazine examines the latest in a series of “cultural-diet revelations” from the judges.

The Court takes on its first case involving a federal whistleblower.

Does a child’s wish to list “Israel” as the nation of birth on his American passport disrupt the Obama administration’s efforts to establish piece in the region? The Court hears oral arguments in the case next week.

Chris Schmidt considers Erwin Chemerinsky’s new book and America’s love-hate relationship with the Supreme Court.

Will the Court take another look at Obamacare?

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