Weekly Roundup – November 28, 2014

Did you miss your Supreme Court news this week? Let our Weekly Roundup help. (To stay on top of the latest Supreme Court happenings, follow ISCOTUS on Twitter.)

Could four words take down Obamacare?

The Court’s decision to reevaluate the Affordable Care Act puts the spotlight again on Chief Justice Roberts, who provided the deciding vote in the 2012 decision that upheld the law’s constitutionality.

Next week, the Court will hear arguments in a case that will test the limits of free speech on Facebook and other social media.

The Court will consider police conduct in the arrest of a mentally disabled woman.

Believe it or not, there’s a “war on coal”—at least according to the industry groups challenging the Obama administration’s plant emissions regulations in a case the Court agreed to hear on Tuesday.

After President Obama awarded Medals of Freedom to the Mississippi Burning trio earlier this week, ISCOTUS director Chris Schmidt looked back at the Supreme Court decision in United States v. Price that followed the tragedy.

Check out Jill Lepore’s fascinating New Yorker article on the the unsolved mystery of the theft of thousands of Justice Frankfurter’s papers from the Library of Congress.  Professor Schmidt discusses “Operation Frustrate the Historians”–Justice Black’s tragic decision to burn most of his papers–here.

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