Weekly Roundup – July 3, 2013

This week’s Roundup is a little lengthier than usual. It encompasses the last two weeks – and the last two weeks of the Supreme Court were very newsworthy! You can find articles this week by section; Decision Analysis, Overall Term Analysis, and News. Don’t miss any updates in the future by following us on Twitter.

Decision Analysis:

The recent ruling in the Arizona case is not as straightforward as it seems

ISCOTUS Director Carolyn Shapiro was not thrilled with the pro-business decision in American Express v. Italian Colors Restaurant. Read her blog post “Arbitration Uber Alles

The Fisher decision in Plain English from SCOTUSblog

Supreme Court splits openly on worker protection suits

NPR’s All Things Considered: Justices Seek ‘Strict Scrutiny’ in Affirmative Action Case

Justices Kagan and Alito disagree over the game ‘Clue’

More Pro-Business Decisions at the Supreme Court, by ISCOTUS Director Carolyn Shapiro

Voting/elections expert Rick Hasen condemns the Voting Rights Act case’s decision. Professor Richard Epstein disagrees

The Supreme Court doesn’t answer if there is a constitutional right to same-sex marriage, but how long until they’ll have to?

ISCOTUS Director Carolyn Shapiro comments on the DOMA ruling’s effect on federal savings for First Business News

Professor/Director Carolyn Shapiro spoke on the significance of Vance v. Ball State University

Professor Carolyn Shapiro brings a rhetoric discrepancy into focus between the Shelby County and DOMA decisions

See what the faculty of Chicago-Kent have to say about the recent Supreme Court rulings

Has the Supreme Court concluded we’re “close enough” to a color blind society? Distinguished Professor Sheldon Nahmod examines the similarities in Fisher and Shelby County

Overall Term Analysis:

Read a wrap-up of the Term from Tony Mauro, featuring quotes from our Director Carolyn Shapiro

Professor Eric Posner’s summary of what he learned about the Supreme Court this term is a must-read

Keys to seemingly contradictory Supreme Court messages: Roberts and Kennedy

News (most recent first):

After dismissing the Prop 8 case, the Supreme Court also won’t halt California issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

Justice Kagan and Justice Scalia are hunting buddies – really.

Learn more about the now-overturned formula of the Voting Rights Act (Section 4)

The ISCOTUSnow app was plugged at the State Bar of Texas meeting – download your free copy for the iPhone.

The vitality of Prop 8 after the ruling is a complicated question. SCOTUSblog’s Marty Lederman provides a great analysis

How the Supreme Court could rule on same-sex marriage

Justice Samuel Alito dishes on the Supreme Court in Dallas

The Supreme Court has several decisions left that split audiences ideologically – but opponents can find common ground across issues.

How well do you know Shelby County v. Holder? Read the many varying viewpoints

Until the Supreme Court makes a decision on the Voting Rights Act, listen to stories of those who remember its passage in 1965

The Same-Sex Marriage Decisions:

Majority opinion in US v. Windsor (DOMA)

Majority opinion in Hollingsworth v. Perry (Prop 8)