Research in Progress – February 2010

Christopher Buccafusco completed data gathering on an experiment exploring how creators value their intellectual property (with Christopher Sprigman, University of Virginia School of Law).

Nancy Marder has written a paper entitled “In the Absence of Law and Justice,” which she will present as part of a panel on “Black Women Writing Justice” at the annual convention of the Northeast Modern Language Association in Montreal on April 9, 2010.  The paper examines the role of law in three novels by three African-American writers.

Professor Marder is working on a second piece called “Judging TV Reality Judges,” which will be the basis of her talk at an upcoming conference and will be published as a book chapter. The paper examines popular television judge shows and the lessons these shows teach about judges, courts, and justice.

Sheldon Nahmod is working on an article for a Brigham Young University Law Review symposium on government speech to be held in March 2010 in Provo, Utah. Its title is tentatively “Government Speech: Justice Souter Dissents.”

Henry Perritt has been asked to prepare a retrospective on his 1992 article on legal issues likely to arise from use of the Internet. The retrospective will be included in a book containing similar looks back at early literature on the Internet.

César F. Rosado Marzán is continuing to work on an ethnographic project on labor law enforcement in Chile.

Joan Steinman is writing an article on the role of efficiency goals in doctrines that govern which issues appellate courts may (or may not) hear and the sequence in which appellate courts may hear those issues.

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