Research in Progress – October 2004

Graeme Dinwoodie is working on two chapters. Patents and the Public Domain, will be published in Commodification of Information: The Future of the Public Domain (Hugenholtz and Guibault eds., 2005) (with Rochelle Dreyfuss). Kellogg v. Nabisco: Dual Uses of Trademarks, will be published in Intellectual Property Stories (Dreyfuss and Ginsburg eds., 2005).

Professor Dinwoodie is finishing his paper, Convergence of Rights: The Concerns of the U.S. Supreme Court, which will be published in Proceedings of the Congress of the Association of Teachers and Researchers in Intellectual Property (Groshiede ed., 2004). He is currently writing an article on Trademark Law and Social Norms.

Nancy Marder is currently working on a paper entitled Rediscovering the Civil Jury to be published in Loyola (Los Angeles) Law Review’s symposium issue on Access to Justice.

Professor Marder is also working on a review of Civil Procedure Stories (Foundation Press, 2004) for the Journal of Legal Education.

Professor Marder’s article Cyberjuries: The Next New Thing? will be published as part of a symposium issue of the British journal Information and Communication Technology Law. Articles for this symposium issue were drawn from the Socio-Legal Studies Association’s Annual Meeting in Glasgow, Scotland, where Professor Marder presented her article.

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