Research in Progress – October 2003

Visiting Associate Professor Susan Bisom-Rapp’s current research project is an ethnographic study of the efforts of a large labor and employment law firm, Littler Mendelson, to build an international employment law practice and how the foreign lawyers the firm encounters react to the firm’s American style. Key questions associated with the study are whether the lawyers engage in transnational legal strategies on behalf of their clients and whether they foresee the eventual convergence of lawyering styles across national jurisdictions.

Professor Nancy Marder is currently working on a paper that examines the unintended consequences of courtroom technology on jurors, to be presented at the International Conference on the Legal and Policy Implications of Courtroom Technology at the College of William and Mary Law School in February 2004.

Professor Michael Spak is writing an article on “The Effect of Military Culture on Responding to Sexual Harassment: The Warrior Mystique.”

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