Research in Progress – November 2013

Lori Andrews is writing a law review article on the increasing pervasiveness of gamification in employment and its implications for labor law.  She recently completed the draft of a law review article analyzing studies of the impact of gene patents on research and innovation.


Nancy Marder continued to work on her article Jurors and Social Media: Is a Fair Trial Still Possible?, which will be published by Southern Methodist University Law Review as part of its “Criminal Justice Colloquium,” where Professor Marder was invited to speak.  Professor Marder also began work on a book chapter entitled Jurors and Juries that she was invited to write for a book called Wiley Handbook of Law and Society. The chapter will trace the main theoretical developments and controversies concerning the jury as well as link developments in the American jury with jury developments worldwide.


Henry Perritt has begun a law review article on new organizational structures for sharing helicopter assets for public safety operations. The article examines the potential for extending the model represented by “Air-One,” a volunteer non-profit based in Waukegan that operates seven military surplus helicopters.


César Rosado Marzán has various works in progress, including Regulation of Compensation: Proceedings of the 66th N.Y.U. Annual Conference on Labor (C. Rosado Marzán ed., forthcoming, LexisNexis 2014); Bajo vientre del jaguar: Fiscalización y falta de auto-tutela en el derecho del trabajo chileno [The Jaguar’s Underbelly: Labor inspection and the lack of self-protection in Chilean work law], 4 Revista de Derecho Laboral y Seguridad Social ___; and  Settling Claims Under Socialism and Neoliberalism: An “Ethnographic Revisit” of Heleen Ietswaart’s “The Handling of Dismissal Grievances in Chile.


Joan Steinman will publish online a compilation of case descriptions concerning removal and remand that do not fit within the limits imposed by West on the 2014 pocket parts to volumes of the Wright & Miller Federal Practice and Procedure treatise. She is working on articles concerning the constitutionality of statutes that confer subject-matter jurisdiction beyond that apparently permissible under Article III, and waiver-by-conduct of removal and remand rights.

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