Research in Progress – November 2009

Nancy Marder is working on an article examining the practice, allowed in some states but not in others, of permitting jurors to ask questions of witnesses. The focus will be on Illinois practice and what Illinois can learn from other states’ experiences.

Professor Marder is working on several other articles that she will present at conferences over the next few months. One piece is entitled “In the Absence of Law and Justice,” which will focus on the role law plays in three novels by three African-American women writers. A second piece is called Judging TV Reality Judges,which will be published as a chapter in a book called Law and Justice on the Small Screen (Peter Robson & Jessica Silbey, eds.).  A third piece is entitled “Theories of Juror Bias, Voir Dire, and Jury Decision-making,” which Professor Marder recently presented at a UIC-Chicago-Kent Colloquium, and which draws on studies in psychology and voir dire practice in federal court to examine if and how voir dire should be changed.

Richard Warner’s book, Enjoyment, Beauty, and Art, is close to completion. (with Sean Stidd and Steven Wagner).

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