Research in Progress – May 2015

Nancy Marder is working on a lecture, which will be published as a short article for practitioners, then expanded into a law review article for academics, on courts and transparency. The article focuses on two ways in which courts try to be transparent–by holding public proceedings and by engaging in public outreach. Professor Marder suggests five principles for courts to follow in deciding which new practices to adopt to make their work more transparent to the public. She also offers several new practices–many based on the work of colleagues at Chicago-Kent–that courts should consider adopting because they use technology to enhance court transparency.  Professor Marder has spent the past few months working with her symposium co-editor, Valerie Hans, and the Chicago-Kent Law Review, to complete the production for an upcoming symposium issue of the law review entitled Juries and Lay Participation: American Perspectives and Global Trends, for which Professor Marder has contributed an article and has co-authored, along with Valerie Hans, an introduction.


Sheldon Nahmod is currently working on the 2015 update to his treatise, Civil Rights and Civil Liberties Litigation: The Law of Section 1983 (4th ed., West).  Professor Nahmod is also working on projects focusing on Town of Greece (Establishment Clause) and on damages actions against terrorist-sponsoring entities.


César Rosado Marzán has been doing fieldwork in a Chicago-area worker center for a project on low-wage work in the global city.

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