Research in Progress – January 2016

Lori Andrews is currently working on research that focuses on virtual clinical trials and online medical research.


Nancy Marder was invited to write a review essay of Laura Appleman’s book, Defending the Jury: Crime, Community, and the Constitution (2015). The essay, entitled “Expanding the Jury: A Provocative Proposal,” will appear in Criminal Justice Ethics in April 2016.

Professor Marder is also writing an article with the working title “The Supreme Court’s Transparency: Myth or Reality?,” at the invitation of the Georgia State University Law Review.


César Rosado Marzán is working on two books. The first is concerned with how the Latin American principles of work law can help reconstruct U.S. labor and employment law. His second book, based on more than one year of field work, focuses on how worker centers can provide for a “moral economy” that helps to narrow income inequality in Chicago and beyond.

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