Research in Progress – February 2011

Richard Kling is in the process of updating his Illinois Criminal Defense Motion Manual (Lexis Publishing).

Nancy Marder spent several weeks at the Old Bailey in London, observing jury trials and other court proceedings in December 2010. The Old Bailey hears serious criminal cases, and Professor Marder observed jury trials on issues as diverse as gang murder, sexual abuse, and fraud. She interviewed a number of judges, barristers, and court personnel on jury practices so that she could make comparisons between practices in the UK and the United States.

Professor Marder’s observations will appear in an article entitled Two Weeks at the Old Bailey: Jury Lessons from England, in a symposium of the Chicago-Kent Law Review on Comparative Jury Systems. This symposium will contain articles about juries and other forms of lay participation in a number of different countries.  Professor Marder is the Symposium Editor and will also write an Introduction for the symposium.

Joan Steinman is working on her article on appellate courts as first responders – that is, the constitutionality and propriety of appellate courts’ resolving issues in the first instance.

Professor Steinman is working on the 2012 Pocket Parts to volumes 14B and 14C of Wright & Miller, Federal Practice & Procedure.

Richard Warner has a book in progress, Enjoyment, Beauty, and Art (with Sean Stidd and Steven Wagner).