Research in Progress – February 2006

Martin Malin, along with Professors Ken Dau-Schmidt (Indiana), Robert Corrada (Denver), Chris Cameron (Southwestern) and Catherine Fisk (Duke), has signed a contract with West to write a new casebook entitled, Labor Law in the Contemporary Workplace.

Nancy Marder is writing an Introduction for the Secrecy in Litigation symposium issue to be published by the Chicago-Kent Law Review.

David Rudstein is preparing an article on three English statutory provisions that allow a new trial following the acquittal of an individual. He will present a version of the article at the Oxford Round Table on Criminal Law at Oxford University in England at the end of March 2006.

Carolyn Shapiro is working on a piece about law clerk confidentiality and judicial secrecy, provisionally entitled Confidences, Privilege, and Discretion: Law Clerks and the Duty of Confidentiality.

Professor Shapiro is also working on a paper addressing the changing role of the lawyer as it relates to non-profit institutions, and on an empirical project evaluating the circumstances under which the Supreme Court applies standards as opposed to merely announcing them.

Joan Steinman is working on the 2007 Pocket Parts to the Wright and Miller Federal Practice and Procedure treatise, Volumes 14B and C, as well as finishing up the work on an appellate courts casebook that is described below in the section on Recent and Forthcoming Publications.

Alex Tsesis is still writing his book for Yale University Press entitled, A Legal History of Civil Rights. He has completed five chapters and is through the Reconstruction period.

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