Research in Progress – August 2013

Lori Andrews is writing a law review article on the increasing pervasiveness of gamification in everyday life and its effect on all areas of the law including employment law, privacy, virtual property rights and intellectual property.  She is also writing an article on health information and social networks.  Her research consists of analyzing federal and state statutes and federal regulations that deal with the protection of health care information, as well as all court cases and statutes that govern social networks.  She is also analyzing how policies might be developed to protect health care information on social networks in a manner that is more consistent with the protections for health care information in other settings.  She recently completed the draft of a law review article analyzing studies of the impact of gene patents on research and innovation.


Christopher Buccafusco‘s book manuscript, Happiness and the Law, has been accepted by University of Chicago Press for publication in 2014 (with John Bronsteen and Jonathan Masur).


Martin Malin has completed the manuscript for the second edition of Labor Law in the Contemporary Workplace (West 2013 or 2014) and has made progress on his ongoing project comparing the handling of statutory human rights claims in labour arbitration in Ontario with their handling before the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario.  A team of students at Chicago-Kent and Osgoode Hall Law School in Toronto have been coding the cases under the direction of Professor Sara Slinn at Osgoode Hall and Professor Malin.  He also has been chairing a subcommittees to draft a code of ethics for employment arbitrators for the National Academy of Arbitrators.


Nancy Marder submitted a chapter on Justice John Paul Stevens and his law clerks, which will be published as part of a book entitled In Chambers: More Stories of Supreme Court Law Clerks and their Justices by the University of Virginia Press.  Professor Marder also is completing a law review article on jurors’ use of social media and the Internet. The title of the article is: Jurors and Social Media: Is a Fair Trial Still Possible? The article considers how courts should respond to some jurors’ propensity to write and “tweet” about their jury experience while the trial and deliberations are still ongoing.


Henry Perritt is revising his article Crowd Sourcing for Indie Movies to include analysis of the new amendments to the Securities Act of 1933 to accommodate crowd funding.  He is also finalizing his article Surviving Cyberwarfare.

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