Research in Progress – August 2012

Under a Greenwall Foundation grant, Lori Andrews is analyzing the legal issues surrounding the collection of health information by social networks and related data aggregators.

Steven Harris is working with Professor Charles W. Mooney, Jr., on an article on True Sales of Receivables, Securitization, and Bankruptcy Policy.

Nancy Marder is writing a paper whose working title is The Court and the Visual: Images and Artifacts in U.S. Supreme Court Opinions. The paper focuses on several opinions in which the Supreme Court included maps, videos, or photographs in its opinions.  Professor Marder examines why the Justices might choose to include images, how the images strengthen or weaken the opinions, and the practical implications of including images in an age of online opinions.
Professor Marder is also writing a book review of Daniel Givelber and Amy Farrell’s Not Guilty: Are the Acquitted Innocent? (2012) which will be published in Law & Society Review.
Over the summer, Professor Marder also revised The Conundrum of Cameras in the Courtroom in preparation for its publication in the Arizona State Law Journal this coming winter.

Henry Perritt is working on a new law review article on the legal framework for addressing cyberwarfare.

David Rudstein is working on the third edition to his casebook, Criminal Law: Cases, Materials, and Problems, for Vandeplas Publishing.

Joan Steinman continues work on the 2013 Pocket Parts to volumes 14B and C of Wright & Miller’s Federal Practice and Procedure treatise. This summer she has worked on articles concerning the circumstances under which denials of summary judgment should be reviewable after post-trial final judgment, and has had students researching waiver-by-conduct of removal and remand rights, and the constitutionality of statutes that confer subject-matter jurisdiction beyond that apparently permissible under Article III.

Adrian Walters is currently working on a treatise on the law of corporate insolvency in the U.K. together with Professors Sandra Frisby, Irit Ronen-Mevorach (University of Nottingham) and David Burdette (Nottingham Trent University) which is due to be published by Oxford University Press during 2013.

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