Research in Progress – August 2008

Laurie Leader and Richard Gonzalez have been invited to serve as executive editors for the upcoming edition of Schlei & Grossman’s treatise, Employment Discrimination to be published by BNA.

Nancy Marder has presented “The Conundrum of Cameras in the Courtroom,” at conferences and workshops in this country and abroad and is revising this article based on the comments she has received from participants at these presentations.

She has also begun work on a book chapter entitled Instructing the Jury for the Oxford Handbook on Linguistics and Law, which is being edited by Lawrence Solan and Peter Tiersma and will be published by Oxford University Press.

Henry Perritt’s book on the diplomatic process leading up to Kosovo’s independence is complete and is under consideration by publishers.

Professor Perritt has written a musical about Kosovo, which he is working on getting staged in the United States and in Kosovo.

Carolyn Shapiro is writing a review/essay entitled The Law Clerk Proxy Wars: Secrecy, Accountability, and Ideology on the Supreme Court.

Another project is looking at dissents from the bench, co-authored with Visiting Associate Professor Christopher Schmidt, tentatively entitled, Tell Us What You Really Think: Straying From Script in Dissents from the Bench.

Professor Shapiro is working on an empirical project on labor and employment cases in the Supreme Court, analyzing the role of ideology and the role of law

Joan Steinman continues to work on 2009 Pocket Parts and Supplements for volumes 14B and 14C of the Wright & Miller Federal Practice and Procedure treatise and expects to finish by the October 1 deadline. Replacement volumes are due in December 2008.

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